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What is a vendor List?

A Verified Vendor List is a compilation of contact information for various suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors within the fashion industry. These vendors offer a range of products and services related to clothing, accessories, textiles, and other fashion-related items.

All of our vendors have been Verified, tested & vetted by our team of expert fashion buyers! Avoid getting scammed with long shipping times, poor quality & bad communication with vendors. 

Why do i need a verified vendor list?

Vendor lists are often used by individuals or businesses in the fashion, beauty & hair  industries who are looking to source products, materials, or services for their own fashion-related ventures. This could include fashion designers seeking fabric suppliers, boutique owners searching for clothing wholesalers, or entrepreneurs looking for manufacturers to produce their designs.

How Soon Will I Receive My Item After I Purchase?

After you make your purchase, your digital items will be available for download INSTANTLY.

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